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AAIMS in Jamaica is a pioneer in medical education in the Caribbean region. Since its establishment in 2011, AAIMS has been said to have the highest number of medical schools per capita worldwide. AAIMS provides world-class technology-oriented medical education and hands-on clinical exposure, In the US Standards. Pursue your medical education with us and gain:

  • Globally recognized MD degree in 4.8 years.
  • Integrated USMLE training.
  • Clinical rotations in 4+ affiliated hospitals in Jamaica & USA.
  • US Education System with the scope for living, working or studying in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia.


AAIMS Application, processing & administrative fees USD 2225
MD Program
USD 9900 P.A. for 4.2 years
Yearly Recurring Charges
USD 800
Accommodation & Food
USD 400 Per Month


AAIMS has been listed and recognized by most international authorities to issue an
internationally recognizable MD degree. The Authorizing bodies are from Jamaica, India, and international bodies.

Pursue a Successful Medical Education At Aaims, Jamaica

Aaims Campus is Located in the Beautiful Black River in the Town of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.
Enjoy world-class facilities:
  • Five acres of land overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
  • A golden opportunity for the integrated USMLE training and to clear steps 1 & 2 during the MD course.
  • Out-standing infrastructure for conducive learning & healthy environment.
  • 24x7 Wi-Fi connection
  • On-campus accommodation

Why Choose AAIMS

AAIMS assists its students with state of the art facilities, both in the classroom and outside, to make their stay comfortable, filled with rich learning experiences.

Course Flow Path
AAIMS Clinical Affiliations
Features of AAIMS
Accommodation & Food
AAIMS has been listed and recognized by international authorities to issue an internationally recognized MD degree. AAIMS in Jamaica provides world-class technology-oriented medical education with hands-on clinical exposure, in the US education standard.
USMLE Clearance
AAIMS provides a golden opportunity for ECFMG certification after clearing steps 1 & 2 during the MD course period.
All American Institute of Medical Sciences has been associating with highly reputed hospitals in the Jamaica, USA & UK,
Stony Brook Southampton Hospitals, New York
McAllen Medical Center,
Washington Medical Center, Washington DC.
Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, Texas
University of Maryland Medical System, Maryland
Atlanta Medical Center,
Royal Free Hospital NHS,
Ministry of Health Hospitals, Jamaica
The medical students would undergo 96 weeks clinical rotations in the above listed hospitals during 3rd & 4th years of the MD program.
Students Guild
Voluntary group of staffs assisting the students in all possible aspects for the progressive learning experience.
Fully equipped labs
AAIMS adopts new-age technology in the medical field and provides immersive, practical and hands-on medical education.
Modern Library
A stock house of authenticated information in various forms including online-library.
Lecturio & Daily Quizzes
To keep the students on track of all the key concepts and to be recalled even under pressurized situations to clear USMLE & practise as a doctor.
Conducive Learning Environment
The breath-taking campus energizes the students to learn, effortlessly with the spacious classrooms, modern learning tools and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The educational system at AAIMS is concerned with the overall well-being of the students. Our facilities address student-needs for studies, sports, fitness, and mental health. Some of our popular facilities include:

  • On-campus accommodation with recreational facilities, gym, and in-door & out-door games. We also have high security & surveillance system in place.
  • Resort-cottage style hostel facility is provided with access to kitchen & large dining halls.
  • Spacious rooms with restrooms, cots, AC, WI-Fi, storage cupboards, etc.
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls with personal- monitoring & surveillance.

AAIMS Hostel Mess serves hygienic, delicious, and healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals of both South and North Indian cuisines, and students can choose what they want for every meal.

Advantages of Studying MD in AAIMS

85% passing rate in the USMLE at the first attempt


In-campus clinics to train students in communication & practical skills and research

Students Guild will support the students with academics


Both pre-med and MD degree are offered in 4.8 years

USMLE program integrated with Program-based learning curriculum to achieve high scores in the MD program


Clinical rotation in the USA, UK, and Jamaica



Spacious and amicable campus spread over 5 acres with 40,000sq.ft. built area


85% passing rate in the USMLE at the first attempt


Students Guild will support the students with academics


USMLE program integrated with Program-based learning curriculum to achieve high scores in the MD program




In-campus clinics to train students in communication & practical skills and research


Clinical rotation in the USA, UK, and Jamaica


Both pre-med and MD degree are offered in 4.8 years


Spacious and amicable campus spread over 5 acres with 40,000sq.ft. built area


  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • General Chemistry I
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • College Physics I
  • Trigonometry
  • Communication Studies
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Organismal & Evolutionary
  • Biology
  • General Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • College Physics II
  • Calculus
  • Expository Writing I
  • Health Psychology
  • Biology III
  • General Chemistry III
  • Principal of Biochemistry
  • College Physics III
  • Medical Ethics
  • Nutrition through Life Cycle
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Development Anatomy
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Cells & Tissues
  • Applied bio chemistry
  • Communication Skills I
  • Practise of Medicine I
  • Neurosecience
  • Human Body & Disease I
  • Human Anatomy II
  • Medical Genetics
  • Practise of Medicines II
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Immunology & Disease
  • Human Body & Disease II
  • Complementary Medicine II
  • Practise of Medicines III
  • Human Body & Disease III
  • Practise of Medicines IV
  • Nutrition II
  • Human Body & Disease IV
  • Psychiatry & Neuropharmacology
  • Practise of Medicines V
  • Communication Skills II


Executive Dean, All American Institute of Medical Sciences, Jamaica.
Dear Ashwath Ragavan,

AAIMS is glad upon associating with you as the Authenticated-Prime Admission mentor in India. We admire your transparency and honesty at the business level as well. And we wish you and your team at Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., to continue your services at your best efforts.

At AAIMS, we strongly believe in presenting an effective academic, ethical, and clinical foundations to our students to maintain the core values of the noble profession.

At AAIMS, we believe in and work towards delivering excellent medical education that generates expertized physicians that serve the community, and to form lifelong learners committed to excellence, leadership, faith, and service. We are committed to innovation and that makes AAIMS to stand out from other medical institutions. We evolve with new age advancements by updating our digital tools to make medical education more immersive, practical, and hands-on.

We welcome Vaagai Educare’s students to embark on this journey with us at the end of which they part as committed healthcare professionals, and we part with pride of generating quality doctors to the global medical ecosystem. AAIMS team has always noticed the astonishing benevolence and care that VEC shows upon every student over the years which is incredible and doable only by Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Director, Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Warm Greetings from Vaagai Educare,

Vaagai Educare takes immense pleasure to associate with AAIMS, Jamaica as it enables our students to set their career in US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Jamaica, and other predominant countries that renders quality medical services.

The fast-track route to the USA & UK to undergo clinical rotations/ elective rotations itself is a bliss for the students wishing to practise medicine in the forefront countries. And the advanced technological methods and tools to study medicine are the second major reason why we appreciate the MD program grant by the institution.

VEC always puts forth our students’ wellbeing with the utmost benevolence. The conducive learning environment and secured campus assures the safety and efficient medical practise of the students, at AAIMS.

Student Testimonials

  • Smooth Process

    It was an appreciable experience with Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Most importantly, the counsellors are very friendly and knowledgeable to answer all our questions. Thanks to Vaagai educare!

    Read More
    Dr. Aditi Ravisankar
  • Answers to all our questions

    Going overseas is not an easy decision, my parents and I was hesitant and doubtful. But we were confident to make a move once we met the professionals at Vaagai Educare. Complete and authenticated information were given to us for all our questions, that not even the smallest of our doubts left.

    Read More
    Midhun Muralidharan
  • Support & Guidance

    It’s a dream for me and my parents to settle in the US, and so we chose AAIMS - the fast-track to the US at an afforadable cost. We approached Vaagai after hearing about their service and also their PMSIPWA. They helped us every step of the way and continuing.

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    Benita Florence

Parent Testimonials

  • Most Reliable Consultants

    My daughter is in 3rd year MD at AAIMS. Am so taken by their genuine efforts and service. And above all, I appreciate their honest responses on advantages and limitations. what more could a parent ask!

    Read More
  • Up-To-Date Professionals

    Vaagai Educare's team are qualified people who always keep us updated about the lastest governmental and medical & educational boards' new regulations & guidelines. That way, as parents, we can relax and enjoy watching our children becoming Doctors without any worries. They stand for their openess and support.

    Read More
    Gladys Devaraj


To coordinate resources necessary to deliver excellent medical education leading to generating physicians that will serve the community, and to form lifelong learners committed to excellence, faith, leadership and service.


Attain an international reputation as an outstanding medical institute distinguished by excellence, leadership, research and innovation in the quality of our teaching, in student learning and achievement, and in engagement with our communities.


What is the commonly spoken language in Black River, Jamaica? What is the medium of instruction followed at AAIMS?

Jamaica is the third-most populous Anglophone - English-speaking country - in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. English is the country's official first language. AAIMS follows the US curriculum, and so the medium of instruction is English.


People in Jamaica are very friendly towards Indians as they have been co-habituating with Indians for the past 175 years. This has even created a group of native people known as Indo-Jamaicans. Be it the food style, culture, or lifestyle, Jamaican people are very similar to Indians.

What is the Degree offered by AAIMS?

AAIMS offers the MD – Doctor of Medicine degree.

What is the duration of this course?

AAIMS offers the MD degree in just 4.8 years.

Are there any means for local transportation inside Jamaica?

The entire island is connected locally by route taxis, minibuses, and buses, almost the same as road transport services in India.

Are there any Indian grocery shops and restaurants near the college?

Yes. There are plenty of Indian restaurants serving Indian cuisines and a lot of Indian grocery shops all around the college and nearby areas.

Why is the All American Institute for Medical Sciences the best choice?

AAIMS is the pioneer of offshore medical colleges in the entire Caribbean region. AAIMS offers hands-on practical, and immersive medical education with a globally recognized MD degree. The degree can be completed within 4.8 years, and your expenses will be just $39600. You will also get integrated USMLE training and clinical rotations in USA and Jamaica.

Why is it called MD instead of MBBS Degree?

AAIMS offers MD (USA pattern – Doctor of Medicine), which is equivalent to MBBS in India (UK pattern – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

How affordable is Jamaica for students?

Jamaica offers an easily affordable lifestyle compared to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other major countries.

What are the requirements to get MD (MBBS) admission at AAIMS?

Medical colleges or schools in Jamaica have set significantly less demanding eligibility criteria for admission. This enables more students to receive a quality education at affordable rates. AAIMS expects enrolling students to have:
● an aggregate of 50% marks in the Higher Secondary Board (+2) examinations, and
● pass percentage in NEET exam.

How often does AAIMS open for admissions in a year?

AAIMS accepts admissions thrice a year in the three enrollment semesters, i.e., during January, May, and September.

Will I be able to practice in India with this MD degree?

Yes, you can appear for NMC's NExT / FMGE examination once you graduate from AAIMS. Once you pass the FMGE, you can register yourself in NMC and start practicing in both government and private hospitals in India.
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Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is available at your service in India and abroad. We prioritise our students' safety, health and overall well-being. VEC assist students right from college admissions to graduation and beyond! over 25 batches of students have completed MD program with the help of VEC and are successfully practising in India and abroad.

No.9, B Block, 3rd Floor,
Lakshmi Towers,
93 Arcot Road,
Chennai - 600024.

Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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