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Philippines Medical Students' Indian Parents Welfare Association®

PMSIPWA® was established in 2016 and is registered under the Government of Tamilnadu. This association has been roofing many students of several batches, their parents, and Doctors to interact to benefit each other at all possible levels. The association meetings are conducted up to 2 to 3 times a year. PMSIPWA® has extended its functional scope to a juncture where a cluster of Doctors-alumni of the Philippines Medical colleges, M.D. graduates, M.D. students, and medical aspirants meet along with their families. This benefits both the current batches and aspirants to get guided by the seniors. It feeds clarity and strength to their vision by witnessing the Doctors and graduates making their way, elite and proud.


PMSIPWA® is an approved association that serves as a platform for Doctors - alumni, MD graduates, students, their parents and aspirants to interact and gain knowledge of the actual complete information in terms of safety, studies, and scope, in all possible aspects for the betterment of the noble doctor community.

  • Taking parents safely to the Philippines, DMSFI, and the Indian medical students' hostel.
  • Honouring M.D graduates on their successful completion and graduation in Medicine.
  • Honouring M.D graduates for qualifying for FMGE and acquiring their medical practitioner's license.
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As of today, we have grown to associate with 2000+ parents, doctors, and students. This growth shows our dedication and commitment in building a noble doctor community to serve our society.

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Our Services

Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. highly values your trust, time, and ambition. Our prime aim is to maintain integrity and reliability in all possible aspects and build regular concordance with the students and their families by rendering the best of our services.


Vaagai Educare's dedicated career counselling team offers career guidance once the student opts for (MBBS) MD from Brokenshire medical college, Davao Medical School, and UV Gullas medical college, The Philippines. We educate you about the course pattern, syllabus, qualifying examinations such as NEET, NExT / FMGE, USMLE, scope of (MBBS) MD degree from DMSFI, regarding higher studies and the various career paths.

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Admission Guidance

We help students move on to the tedious admission process once they have chosen (MBBS) MD in BCM, DMSFI, & UVGCM as their preferred course and educational institution, respectively. As the authenticated admission mentor of Brokenshire, DMSFI, UV Gullas, we have the latest information regarding admission criteria, acceptance rates, committee expectations and merit scale. We shall assist you throughout the admission process, from filling in the application form to the completion of all the required documentation. Additionally, we coordinate with all the medical colleges' admission offices on your behalf for constant follow-ups on your admission.

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Visa Process

We begin the visa process once the medical colleges confirm your admission. Thanks to our 21+ years of expertise and experience. We are well-versed with the latest visa requirements, immigration policies, foreign affairs and visa documentation to assist you with student visa applications. We also assist you with the visa interview and coordinate with the concerned embassy.

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Financial Guidance

(MBBS) MD from DMSFI demands a certain amount of financial security for which Vaagai Educare has plenty of options such as student scholarships, easy instalments and education loans. Student scholarships are often offered based on the student's academic performance and excellence. VEC helps you avail the educational loan from approved national banks at reasonable rates. We also guide you with the required documentation, policies, procedures, interest rates and eligibility criteria at your preferred bank.

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Pre-Departure Orientation

Vaagai provides pre-departure orientation to the students and their parents, before the students leave India. Our orientation also educates students about the lifestyle, travel regulations, foreign students policies and procedures, laws and regulations, the difference in culture and the rights & obligations of immigrant students in The Philippines. We also orient the newly enrolled students about the rules & regulations of BCM, DMSFI, UVGCM.

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Travel & Accommodation

Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. takes care of the flight tickets and accommodation of the newly enrolled students in the Philippines. We help the new students get hostel admissions at the Exclusive Indian Hostel upon Pre-requisition during the college admission.

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Counselling and coaching classes for NEET, NExT / FMGE and USMLE examinations


  • End-to-end Support & Guidance

    I am glad to have associated with them as their sincere efforts to ensure students safety and effective learning. Many people have asked me about the educational consultancy I had gone by for the excellent students’ services. They connected with our families and guided us through the entire study period. I would like to thank Vaagai Educare to honour us in the association meetings.

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    Dr. Rajesh Kanna
    President of the College for 6000 students in the Philippines
  • Couselling & Coaching for FMGE

    I am from a middle-class family, raised by my mother, single parented. Despite, I was convicted to complete M.D. degree and clear FMGE. VEC provided FMGE counselling & coaching, very effectively. They stood with me in all learning phases and guided me through the right chances. I feel overwhelmed to look at myself as a Doctor. Hearty thanks to Vaagai!

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    Dr. Balaji
    FMGE topper, secured 213 out of 300
  • Authenticated & Complete Information

    Vaagai Educare has been a great support and mentor during MD study and till now. VEC team has always clarified all our doubts with authenticated & complete information. PMSIPWA® has been a boon to us all, its an wonderful space to connect with fellow people. Now, my brother is in the 2nd year of the M.D. program at DMSFI, Philippines. I thank Vaagai for its excellent service and support!

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    Dr Shivani
    First Doctor in her Town, Dindigul District
  • Over-All Growth

    Great experience with VEC & PMSIPWA®. I have grown to a better & self-reliant person during the years I have been away. VEC team encouraged me to break all my barriers, initially they helped me with english classes for me to do well at DMSFI. Now, i have graduated, cleared FMGE, received my medical license after CRMI and am practising medicine in India. Its all thanks to my parents, VEC team & the association.

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    Dr. Romiya
  • Most Trusted Consultant

    Vaagai is known for their genuine service and processes. I had a smooth process of admission, VISA, travel, hostel, and mess. Its one of our best decisions, Vaagai Educare & the association has always been supporting & guiding us all through the MD program, FMGE & till now.

    Dr. Tharun Sharook
  • Pre-departure Orientation Meeting

    Vaagai Educare & the association orients the students and our parents to adapt to the new situations in the Philippines, college campus, hostel, and during the travel. I had a smooth & relaxed flight to Davao and settled well at the hostel and the college.

    Dr. Santhosh Ram
  • FMGE Awards I haven't seen any other educational consultancy to honour us with FMGE Awards for successfully passing in FMGE. It is so thoughtful of Vaagai Educare to honour us and continue to stay connected with us like family. VEC offers proactive services during crucial times.
    Dr. Sangavi
  • COVID Warriors Awards

    Am amazed by the standard of Vaagai Educare, that they elabarote about all the processes and all the information during the initial orientation remains the same, all the time. They act proactively at difficult times. During the pandemic, they have asked us to stay in the philippines and complete the MD program and graduate. Thus, we were able to assist the Indian doctors in the COVID-19 wards. VEC & PMSIPWA® jointly honoured all of us with COVID WARRIORS AWARDS.

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    Dr. Mohanraj
  • Proactive Efforts During Pandemic

    The team always do the needful, one such is the online library & uninterrupted practical learning during quarantine at our hostels itself. Covid-19 precautionary measures are highly ensured, everywhere, all the time. we stayed healthy and graduated successfully. thanks to vaagai educare!

    Dr. Meena Dharani
  • Parents Visit During Graduation

    The most remarkable thing is the parents visits, twice every year. the team takes all our parents to the philippine medical colleges on campus tour, and let our parents experience the medical life. I was so fortunate to be from Vaagai Educare and so I happened to graduate infront of my parents in the Philippines. My best wishes to the team!

    Dr. Lisanaul Ameer Mohamed
  • Couselling & Coaching for USMLE

    Am so glad that my MD degree is accepted internationally for higher studies and medical practise. Am preparing for USMLE step-2 after my MD graduation. VEC is still supporting me in the preparation. I owe it to the team.

    Dr. Chadurvel
  • VEC's Regular Visits

    Vaagai Educare team is a home away home to many of us during their visits to the college campus, and hostels in every 3 months to ensure our over-all wellbeing and conducive learning environment.

    Dr. Shanthakumar
  • Alumnae Support From PMSIPWA®

    I'm the daughter of a single parent, and my mom was anxious about sending me out of India as am a shy person. But Alumnae from the Philippines, guided us in various aspects of learning. They shared their Philippine experiences to tell us about making friends and memories and enjoying learning. Now, am good at consultations.

    Dr. Vahini
  • Hassle-Free VISA Process It was a smooth process with Vaagai Educare. Above all, VISA process has been so easy that team took care of the tedious part, well.
    Dr. Narmatha Sri
  • Parents Visit To The Abroad College Campus

    Am a proud mother of a MD (MBBS) Doctor, graduated from DMSFI. I was happy and confident to send my son to the Philippines only because of Mr. Ragavan & Mr. Ashwath for their expertise and reputation. I know them personally for years, were there to take good care of the students to the minute details to ensure safety and comfort. Students get an international exposure and contacts in the field, from chief doctors to the fellow students from various places & parents’ visits. I would dearly wait for the parents visit to DMSFI every time, every year to meet the students, fellow parents – my friends, lovely professors who are practicing doctors themselves, and the high-tech labs which never fails to amuse me, hospitals that trains the students during clinical rotations, and the college with conducive learning environment and the highly safest Davao city with friendly people. It’s a close to heart decision I made to send my son through Vaagai Educare!

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    Dr. Ismail Fatima
    Chief Medical Officer, Madurai Cooperation
  • Association For a Lifetime

    "I have known Mr. Ashwath, Mr. Ragavan & VEC team for 8 years now, since my first son joined MD in the Philippines. The way they treat us, guide us, supports us, and respects us are overwhelming and has never changed for a bit. This made a mark & grew my trust upon them. Hence, I admitted my younger son also in the prestigious medical college in the Philippines.

    Now both my sons have graduated, cleared FMGE, completed CRMI, obtained permanent medical license from NMC and are successfully practicing medicine.

    This wonderful friendship with Vaagai educare & Mr. Ragavan has come across 8 long years and still more to see."

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    Dr. Vivekanandhan
    Pediatrician, Trichy
  • Reliable consultant

    "VEC is the best admission mentor and educational consultant for medical education in the Philippines. Their support & guidance in all the aspects is highly appreciable. They are the only ones to take the parents to the Philippines, every year, to show the country, davao city, college campus, hostel & mess.

    I wish VEC team to be able to continue this incredible service & work in the future too."

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    K. Sennaiya
  • Benevolent Team of Professionals

    "My daughter, Dr. A.V.Romiya have completed her CRMI in Kancheepuram Government Hospital and have received the certificate in 2021. I feel grateful to Vaagai Educare & PMSIPWA for making this unbelievable achievement, possible.

    My daughter did her schooling in Tamil medium and found it difficult to cope at studies as the medium of instruction is English. VEC came in aid and put my daughter into English language class at the college itself. I am proud to see my daughter to have grown into a confident, elegant, and experienced doctor.

    Without Mr. Ashwath & Mr. Ragavan’s support, my daughter wouldn’t have become a doctor. It’s a great pleasure for me & my family to associate with you & wishing all the best for your future endeavours."

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    Arokiya Valavan
    Pediatrician, Trichy
  • Pioneer, Because Expertised!

    With the connections, resourcefulness, and proactiveness of Vaagai educare shows their pioneership. Mr. Ragavan & Mr. Ashwath, VEC team are truly expertized about all the rules & regualtions, requirements, all the processes, related information, networks, and research from admission till graduation, FMGE, CRMI and after. They are doing an incredibly awesome service!

    Dr. Selvakadungovazhiyathan,
    Ophthalmologist, Velammal Hospital, Madurai
    Former HOD, Madurai Medical College
  • Only theBest Medical Colleges for Indian Students

    Vaagai works with only the well-recognized medical colleges suitable for Indian students. MD graduates from DMSFI can practice medicine in India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The college has world-class technology that allows the students to practically learn medicine with intensive clinical exposure. 3D Anatomage table system, stimulation labs, plasticated bodies, VR technology, and silicon models are the unique advantages. Students can practice till surgeries. Philippines has the same living conditions as of India – climate, weather, food, culture, and so are the diseases, treatment methods & medicines.

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    Teacher, Virudhunagar
  • Trustworthy

    Children's education is important to any parent. Same way, I wanted to trust my efforts, means I made all through my life and time for my daughter's education with genuine people. And am happy that it's Vaagai Educare! Very trustworthy and reliable!

  • Resourceful Consultants

    All the consultants at VEC are so resourceful of information, connections and most importantly process knowledge. Wishing them all the best!

  • Safe & Secured Admission Mentor

    Vaagai Educare puts forth the students' safety and security. The team shares all the routine details of our children, daily.

    Prof. Akbar Ali Raja,
  • Well-accredited MD degrees

    I know Mr. Ragavan & Mr. Ashwath for a long time and have had discussions about abroad medical education. Vaagai Educare always associate with only well-accredited colleges and so their degrees are valid and let the students to practise medicine without limitations.

  • Parents Visit During Graduation

    I had never dreamt of going abroad but thanks to my daughter that she's been the reason I had fly to the Philippines to attend her graduation at DMSFI, with fellow parents and VEC team. They are really friendly and supportive.

    Mrs. Murugeshwari
  • Relaxed & Comfortable Process

    As parents, we can be relaxed and be in peace as long as they are with Vaagai Educare & PMSIPWA.

    Mrs. Shanthi

    I have a long history with Vaagai Educare. I am happy to work with the team for their hard-work, dedication, and resourcefulness for the well-being & growth of the students and the institution.

    Former Dean, DMSFI
  • Safety & Security

    Mr. Ashwath, Mr. Ragavan and Vaagai team visits the hostel on regular intervals to confirm the students are having a comfortable and secured stay, here. We report the team the students' attendace, everyday.

    Hostel warden
  • Hygienic & Healthy Food

    VEC team gets us most of the cooking supplies from Madurai for a promising native taste in all the meals of the day. Also ensures that the covid protocols are followed.

    Mess In-charge
  • Smooth Process

    We find it easy to complete the admission process, orientations, examination procedures and such others with Vaagai's students, as the team informs the students about the upcoming requirements and visits us on regular basis.

  • Good Conduct & Clarity

    Vaagai Educare's students are well-oriented with preparedness.

    International students counsellor


Parents visit
Pre-Departure Orientation
Covid Warriors
FMGE - Sep, 2021
FMGE - Jan, 2021
FMGE - June, 2019
FMGE 2018



President of Philippines Medical Students’ Indian Parents Welfare Association®

I appreciate the dedication and sincere efforts of Mr. Ashwath Ragavan of Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. to tirelessly support the PMSIPWA® association and its functions. We assist and support the medical students doing MD in Philippines and their parents on the grounds of student’s safety and security, legalities, foreign affairs and students get guidance from their seniors and practising doctors. We take pride in walking hand in hand with the future doctors and their families throughout the course period and after.


Patron of Philippines Medical Students’ Indian Parents Welfare Association®

I take immense pleasure to take part in PMSIPWA® as it serves as an incredible platform to exchange uncommon and authenticated information and to relate with students and their families, that way it helps Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., to stick on to our promise for integrity and reliability in all aspects. I feel honoured to serve as the patron of the association in all its efforts to keep supporting and building a progressive medical community.


September 15, 2021
FMGE - Sep, 2021
Covid Warriors
FMGE - Jan, 2021
FMGE - June, 2019
FMGE 2018


The Philippines Medical Students’ Indian Parents Welfare Association® was founded in 2016 and is registered with Tamilnadu Government. The association was started when we realised the need for a proper juncture to meet all our beneficiaries (i.e. students & their parents) of all the past, current and future batches for a progressive and cordial relationship.

The association members include:

  • Students currently studying in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th years of MD courses at the medical colleges in The Philippines.
  • MD graduates passed out in the current year.
  • Doctors and the MDs who graduated from medical colleges in The Philippines since 2010.
  • The parents of all the above-mentioned categories of students, MD graduates and Doctors.
Philippines Medical Students’ Indian Parents Welfare Association® is an authenticated body that serves the medical students in The Philippines and their parents. Its prime objective is to enable fruitful interactions for the students and their parents with regards to their studies, safety, and well being. The association also guides them with procedures and documentation in India and the Philippines.
PMSIPWA® is a juncture that connects many students of several batches, their parents and Doctors in India and other countries at least 2 – 3 times a year.
  • Honouring our M.D. graduates on their successful graduation in Medicine.
  • Honouring our M.D. graduates upon getting qualified on FMGE and obtaining an Medical practitioner's license.
  • Taking the parents to the Philippines, Philippine Medical Colleges and the Indian medical student's hostels.

The association members guide and assist parents with the legalities of the paper-works in India and the Philippines and in completing all the processes quickly. It also enables parental interaction for the student's personal and academic benefit.

PMSIPWA® benefits the students with guidance and support at the individual and peer level by rendering continued support from other students and association members.

Yes, of course. The association helps parents travel to the Philippines more than two times during their children’s course duration. Parents can visit the medical colleges to witness the standard and quality of education and the conducive learning environment. They will also be taken to hostels to experience the lifestyle, hostel facilities and the food. Generally, parents travel to the Philippines more than twice to visit their sons and daughters and witness the graduation ceremony.

The Philippines Medical Students’ Indian Parents Welfare Association® has helped almost 550 doctors. Currently, the association has over 2000+ parents, students, doctors, and other members. This growth is a testament to our sincere contribution and services in building a truly noble doctor community to serve society.

Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is available at your service in India and abroad. We prioritise our students' safety, health and overall well-being. VEC assist students right from college admissions to graduation and beyond! over 25 batches of students have completed MD program with the help of VEC and are successfully practising in India and abroad.

No.9, B Block, 3rd Floor,
Lakshmi Towers,
93 Arcot Road,
Chennai - 600024.

Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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