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Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an authenticated admission mentor for many colleges in India and abroad. We strive to maintain honesty and transparency in all our services, knowing the value of your trust, time, and ambition.

Our Work
We guide students throughout the college admissions, career guidance, NEET, NExT / FMGE and USMLE counseling and coaching classes, Visa Processes, Travel and accommodation, Graduation, CRMI and till becoming a Doctor.

Our Support
Philippines Medical Students' Indian Parents Welfare Association® connects aspiring and current students, practising doctors, and their families to create a progressive and supportive concordance between all of us.

Our Vision
Vaagai Educare walks hand in hand with you through out the entire MD course and after!, to help you grow to a pro-active person rendering impeccably humanitarian medical services.

Our Mission
Vaagai Educare works with the mission to create a smooth and efficient medical admission pathway to help the indian students to make their medical dream come true in reality.

Our Milestone
Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (VEC) has over 2000+ graduates practising in India and abroad. Our graduates from Brokenshire, DMSFI, UV Gullas in the Philippines, and AAIMS, Jamaica are practising medicine in both government and private hospitals in India and around the world, successfuly.


Ashwath R,
MBA (Singapore)
Managing Director,
Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Greetings From Vaagai Educare

Ashwath R,
MBA (Singapore)
Managing Director,
Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

I, Ashwath Ragavan, gladly welcome you to Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. We have been pioneers in the field for 21 years, since 2001. Our company is based in Madurai, Chennai, and also providing services in Tamilnadu, Pondichery and Andaman.

As an MBA graduate from Singapore, I am aware of the remarkable transformation I underwent while studying overseas. My experiences abroad encouraged me to help other aspiring students to pursue medical degrees overseas to make their dreams come true. I intend to help the students seeking MBBS (MD) in the Philippines and Jamaica to become a pro-active professionals offering humanitarian medical services to society.

It all started with an effort to enable Indian students to get the best of medical education at an affordable cost and so the effective health services reach all nooks and corners. We started 21 years ago and with consistent efforts, 24 batches of MD graduates from our associated medical institutions have come out in flying colours and practising medicine as reputed doctors in India and abroad.

over the years, the number of people approached us has gradually increased as they could witness the end-to-end support VEC offers and the excellent quality of education at safe and secured institutions we associate.

Vaagai Educare associates only with internationally recognised institutions especially National Medical Commission (India) and World Health Organisation and that are facilitating scope, for higher education and to practise medicine around the world.

At Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, we offer continuous support even after admission. We walk with you, hand in hand, during and after your course of study to aid you in NExT / FMGE and USMLE. VEC boasts unparalleled service and harmonious concordance with students, their families, and medical institutions.

We are proud to state that AAIMS, BCM, DMSFI and UV Gullas acknowledge Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. as their authenticated admission mentor.



As a reliable and authenticated admission mentor for top institutions abroad, we offer a wide array of services under one roof.


VEC has 2000+ Doctors, students and their families as a part of our Philippines Medical Students’ Indian Parents Welfare Association®. We stand for our services.

Career Counselling

Our career counsellors help students make career decisions based on their skills, interests, and competencies. We help students find the right career path to make the most of their academic skills.

Resourceful Educational Consultants

We are staffed with well-qualified personnel in all our departments who collectively work towards developing an intellectual and ethical doctor community. Our staffs are one of the best in their respective fields of expertise.

Great Support

VEC offers the best possible support to our student and parent community. We strive to make ourselves available at all times to offer clarification, guidance, and answers to queries.

Professional Assistance

We render authenticated and ethical services for medical college admissions, accommodation and visa process for all students aspiring to pursue higher education in The Philippines and Jamaica.

Online Training Programmes

Vaagai Educare is inclined towards helping with medical admissions by providing counselling and coaching for NEET, NExT / FMGE & USMLE examinations.

Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is available at your service in India and abroad. We prioritise our students' safety, health and overall well-being. VEC assist students right from college admissions to graduation and beyond! over 25 batches of students have completed MD program with the help of VEC and are successfully practising in India and abroad.

No.9, B Block, 3rd Floor,
Lakshmi Towers,
93 Arcot Road,
Chennai - 600024.

Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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