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Why Jamaica

The word Jamaica means "Spring of Islands" in the Arawak Language. It is the third-largest country in the Caribbean Islands of Central America. The inhabitants speak English mostly. Jamaica is easily accessible by air and sea as the world's major sea routes and airlines are a part of this place.

The country boasts of a flourishing landscape with sun-kissed golden beaches, wildlife, flora and fauna. The Jamaican beaches are ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, and surfing. Students from all over the world visit Jamaica for medical studies for multiple reasons- nature-oriented lifestyle, low-cost living, low tuition fees, quality education, vibrant music and last but not least, their exotic cuisine.

World-famous tourist destination
One of the safest places in Central America
Easily accessible by air
Land with 175 years of history


The Spring of Islands

Jamaica is named in the Arawak language which means “Spring of Islands”. Jamaica is an English-speaking country and the third largest country in the Caribbean Islands of Central America. Jamaica is well placed in the world’s major airline and sea routes. The country has flaunting nature adoring exciting places with flora, wildlife, and beaches to explore snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. It attracts students from all over the world for medical studies for its low cost of living, low tuition fees, nature-oriented lifestyle, the exotic cuisine and vibrant reggae music.

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica. The city is divided into two halves as downtown and uptown. Down has historic buildings, banks, street markets, the courts and one of the Caribbean’s greatest art museums. To the contrast, Uptown is home to the city’s best restaurants and hotels, and holds new Kingston with its cluster of tall buildings and emancipation park.

  • Land Area: 11,424 Sq.Km
  • Capital City: Kingston
  • Ruled by: Queen Elizabeth II
  • Governor-General: Patrick Allen
  • Prime Minister: Andrew Holness
  • Population: 29,64,345 as on September,2020
  • Airports: 2 International Airports (KIN, MBJ)
  • Indian Origin: 175 years ago, in 1845.
  • Indian Population in Jamaica: 81,500 Indians
  • Average Temperature: 33-37° C
  • Average Rainfall: 72 inches
  • Official Languages: English and English Patois
  • Currency: Jamaican Dollars
  • Primary Mineral Source: World's third-largest producer of Bauxite
  • Climate: Tropical Humid Temperature interior 78 inches annually
  • Indian Festivals celebrated: Indian Heritage Day (The Indian Arrival Day), Phagwa, Diwali, The Roti Festival

Why Pursue MBBS in Jamaica?

Jamaica is one of the best places to study MBBS, especially if you are a student who is struggling to afford the exorbitant fee for medical studies in India. The quality education, the low cost of living and easy accommodation facilities with lip-smacking cuisine attract students from all across the world to the shores of Jamaica.

English Speaking Country
Can be easily accessed from all parts of the world through air
Low Cost of Living & Low Tuition fees
One of the safest places to live in the entire Central America.
World-famous tourist destination. 43,000,000 tourists visited in 2017
Nearest island of Florida, USA

Medical Education in Jamaica - The Benefits

Learning Medicine in Jamaica with the assistance of Vaagai Educare comes with its own set of exclusive benefits. Take a look:

Scope to practise medicine in the US, UK, Europe, Asia and India.

Students can clear the USMLE steps 1 & 2 and receive the ECFMG certificate along with their MD degree, While graduating.

Hands-on clinical exposure and world-class technology that meets US standards of medical care.

After MD, graduates can appear for the USMLE Step 3 - Residency Matching in the US and Jamaica.

Follows the US curriculum and offers MD degree.

Medical education in Jamaica is comparatively less expensive.

AAIMS is the pioneer in the medical education in Jamaica with a unique advantage to practise medicine and to live in the USA.
Jamaica follows US curriculum and provides MD (Doctor of Medicine).
AAIMS in Jamaica provides the world-class technology and hands-on clinical exposure as similar the USA standards.
Clearance of USMLE steps 1 & 2 and receiving the ECFMG certificate along with MD degree while graduating.
The MD graduates can appear for USMLE step 3 - Residency Matching in Jamaica and US.
Medical education in Jamaica is very much LESS expensive, comparing to any medical schools in the US, yet providing MD degree & ECFMG in the equivalent standards to US universities.

Saint Elizabeth

The Breadbasket

Saint Elizebeth is one of Jamaica's most prominent and largest parishes ever. It is known as the "breadbasket" since the area is famous for its wetlands, pastures, forests, scrub woodlands and grasslands. People in Saint Elizabeth mainly cultivate sugarcane. It is a planned city designed by the Leyden brothers. It is:

  • Black River is the capital of St. Elizabeth.
  • One of the oldest and most popular European towns in Jamaica.
  • The centre of environmental tourism, bustling with trade activities from all across the world.

AAIMS - Safety & Security

Strict COVID-19 safety and security protocols are followed at the AAIMS campus by both teaching and non-teaching faculty members 24/7.

No Drugs
Usage of drugs and alcohol is strictly forbidden inside and around the campus.
Secured Entry and Exit
All the Campus gates have bio-metric logins and logouts.
Monitoring and Surveillance
Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls are equipped with cctv, biometric entry and exits, and security guards in all the gates.
Educate and Empower
Jamaica strives to be internationally recognised for safety and education and so keeps a special attention on the foreign students to educate and empower in jamaican land.
Rank 89 on GPI
Jamaica is ranked 89 on the Global Peace Index, compared to 163 other countries.
No Ragging
Any kind of discrimination or ragging is prohibited and is punishable if found guilty.
Hourly Attendance
Attendance is taken on an hourly basis during class hours.
Law and Order
The Jamaican Constabulary force for internal security guards Jamaica's law & order.


How easily accessible is Jamaica?

Jamaica can be easily accessed through both air and water. There are 3 international airports here- Sangster International Airport, Ian Fleming International Airport, and Norman Manley International Airport. Tinson Pen Aerodrome is the domestic airport in Kingston. It is just 2 hours 20 minutes by car and 3 hours by bus.

How do the people in Jamaica treat Indians?

People in Jamaica are very friendly towards Indians as they have been co-habituating with Indians for the past 175 years. This has even created a group of native people known as Indo-Jamaicans. Be it the food style, culture, or lifestyle, Jamaican people are very similar to Indians.

Are there any means for local transportation inside Jamaica?

The entire island is connected locally by route taxis, minibuses, and buses, almost the same as road transport services in India.

Are there any Indian grocery shops and restaurants near the college?

Yes. There are plenty of Indian restaurants serving Indian cuisines and a lot of Indian grocery shops all around the college and nearby areas.

What is the medium of instruction followed in AAIMS? What is the language used for communication in Black River?

The first language of Jamaica is English, and the same is used for communication in Black Water. AAIMS follows the US curriculum and the medium used is English.

Why is the All American Institute for Medical Sciences the best choice?

AAIMS is the pioneer of offshore medical colleges in the entire Caribbean region. AAIMS offers hands-on, practical, and immersive medical education with a globally recognized MD degree. The degree can be completed within 4.8 years. You will also get integrated USMLE training and clinical rotations in USA and Jamaica.

Why does AAIMS offer MD instead of MBBS?

The MD offered by AAIMS refers to Doctor of Medicine ( USA pattern). It is equivalent to the MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery) offered in India ( UK pattern).

Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is available at your service in India and abroad. We prioritise our students' safety, health and overall well-being. VEC assist students right from college admissions to graduation and beyond! over 25 batches of students have completed MD program with the help of VEC and are successfully practising in India and abroad.

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