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MBBS in the Philippines vs India

Apr 05, 2022
Vaagai Team

MBBS being the prestigious professional degree, all over the world, most of the students aspire to study medicine in the top medical colleges with NMC recognition providing quality education at affordable fee structure & no donation. Despite having several medical colleges in India, Indian students look up to study abroad when they couldn't get admissions in Government medical colleges, AIIMS, and JIPMER on counselling basis, like the rest of the institutions, are expensive in terms of donations and fee structure.

costly fee structure forbids the deserving aspirants with budget constraints. Being aware all these obstacles, Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. researched and picked out the reputed medical institutions in the developing countries excelling in the medical facilities and education. Finally, we found about the medical studies abroad with the world-class education system at affordable fee structure offering globally recognised medical degree from a prestigious institution in the Philippines – Davao Medical School Foundation. We never compromise on the quality education and in widening the scope of practise.

Benefits for opting foreign medical universities

Over a decade and more, the number of Indian students gets admissions in foreign medical universities are getting increased. It seems to the below mentioned are the key pull factors of the foreign medical colleges,

  • Students earn high standard education in top medical universities, all over the world.
  • NMC and WHO recognised medical degree
  • No donation or capitation fees
  • Easy, affordable fee structure
  • Scholarship to study MBBS based on academic records in specific foreign medical colleges
  • Cost of living in many countries is similar to that of India
  • Indian cuisine restaurants and groceries are commonly available
  • Global exposure and advanced technology in learning medical practice
  • Globally widen the scope to practise or to do higher education with an abroad medical degree
  • Studying MBBS, abroad improves social skills and adaptability to unknown situations and environment

Things to look into before getting admissions in foreign universities:

Higher education is a stepping-stone in setting up a career which defines one's lifestyle and personality. That too, MBBS is a highly coveted study program. So, one needs to be very careful in selecting a foreign country and university. Here are few tips, Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. wish to educate the medical aspirants to check on, before processing admissions, for the smooth overall learning experience.

  • Choose the best abroad studies consultancy that is genuine and transparent in guiding you, all through the admission process and after
  • Do not make unnecessary payments to the consultancy; expect any matters related to the medical college admissions.
  • select medical universities/colleges/schools/institutions that are recognised by NMC and WHO
  • Check for any scholarship in the chosen university; you could be eligible
  • Your budget for the medical course
  • Availability of an educational loan
  • Check the duration of the course
  • Number of Indian students studying in the selected university and country
  • The safety aspects, weather conditions and the prevalence of diseases of the selected
  • Also, the population and hospital facilities of the country for the high patient flow
  • Notably, the medium of instruction followed by the chosen university

Cost of studying Medicine, abroad

Studying medicine is always a little expensive than other professional degrees. Yes, of course, medicine is an ELITE universal profession with globally applied knowledge and experiences. Doctors are respected and well-treated, anywhere at any given time. The expertise and understanding of the elderly Doctors who are old and out of practising are yet very much demanded and helpful. Doctors never retire from their service and practise. And thus, studying medicine is always considered prestigious and expensive

Comparing to the fee structure of the Indian medical admissions, studying medicine abroad would be much cheaper, including stay, food and travel for the entire span of the medical course. Because students joining MBBS in any medical college for management seats would have to spend around 1 crore for 6 years. Where-as, there are plenty of foreign universities offering MBBS/MD programs from 30 lakhs with an excellent standard of education and globally recognised degree. Indian students prioritise the medical colleges in the Philippines, Central America, UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Among which, the Philippines have always been topping the list as it satisfies various expectations of the Indian Student population. Significantly, the passing percentile of students graduating from the Philippines is continuously increasing every year. The medical graduates from Philippine medical colleges clear from FMGE, USMLE and other qualifying examinations in great numbers.

Studying Medicine in The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best places to study medicine for the Indian students, in recent years. Even many students from the USA, UK, Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and many more are studying in the Philippine medical institutions. One of the key factors attracting international students in the Philippines is that the country follows US-based educational system and medium of instruction is English. And the country offers MBBS MD degree at affordable price. As it awards globally recognised degree, the scope of the medical graduates from the Philippines is widened all over the world for higher studies and practise as well.

Every country in the world has its own separate medical qualifying examinations to license the medical graduates to practise in a particular country. So, the medical students who graduated from the Philippine medical colleges have to clear such qualifying examinations if wanting to practise in other countries. But the Philippine medical graduates are found to be trained in all the qualifying tests conducted by many countries, on a high average comparing to the other countries' medical graduates.

The Philippines medical, educational system has majorly relied upon practical learning which enables the students to get hands-on experiential learning on medical treatment methods and working under different circumstances. So much of the clinical practise during their course period, the Philippine medical graduates are excelling in their internship, and surprisingly, they can cope up with senior Doctors in India, during their initial days of practise onwards. Almost 95% of the medical graduates from the Philippines cracks NMC's FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) in India and USMLE in the US, hands-down as they get trained to deal with MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) during their degree program. Even medical graduates can practise in the Philippines once after their graduation and internship in the country.

(MBBS) MD degree in the Philippines

The Philippines follows US-based education system, and so it offers MD (USA pattern – Doctor of Medicine) which is equivalent to MBBS n India (UK pattern – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). As students from across the globe study in the Philippines, The Philippines education syllabus adopts the continuity of +2 curriculum followed in India. In the US education system, the students opt for four years of MD programme once after they passed 10th grade and complete Bachelor of Science degree. Still, as India follows a UK based educational system, our students do 10th and 12th grades at the school level. Students in India can do MD upon the completion of MBBS degree in 6 years. But in the Philippines, the medical students' complete Bachelor of Science (BS) for 1.5 years and opt for four years of MD programme in the Philippines. That's how The MD programme in the Philippines takes 5.5 years of course span

Once, the student completes MD; they need not to undergo one-year internship training. Once they return to India; they are required to pass FMGE – Foreign Medical Graduate Examinations (equivalent to NMC examination) to practise in India. If the students prefer to practise in the United States (US), they need to crack USMLE- the United States Medical Licensing Examinationthe qualifying examination to practice in the US. It is a typical formality followed by all the countries across the globe to appear for a qualifying exam to get licensure to practise medicine, in any country

Benefits of Philippine medical colleges

  • The country provides quality education at an affordable price and a good standard of living at a nominal cost.
  • It follows USA-based educational system with advanced treatment technologies in the world.
  • The MBBS MD course starts as the Continual learning of (MBBS) MD from +2 syllabus
  • The Philippines is a tropical rainforest landscape like India, the seasons, vegetations and food culture are most likely similar. And so is the prevalence ofdiseases.
  • The medical colleges in the Philippines award globally recognised MD degree is provided to ease the graduated Doctors to practise anywhere in the world.
  • The local population speaks v As English in the country; there is no need to clear any language examinations like TOFEL or ILETS to study in The Philippines.
  • No need to undergo one-year internship program after completing M.D. in Philippines and Jamaica.

Authority Bodies recognising the MD degree from the Philippines

Suppose one has decided to do MD degree from the Philippines. In that case, it is necessary to check on the authority bodies that acknowledges the MD degree offered by the preferred medical university. Such mandatory authority bodies to recognise the Philippine medical degree are,

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER)


The entire blog would have brought insight into how to choose a foreign country and university, depending on one's demand essentials. And most importantly, it would have guided you on the criteria to look into before getting admissions in a foreign medical university and country

The Philippines is one of the top countries that suits the Indian students, the best, and this discussion would have elaborated about the advantages of choosing the Philippines over other countries for studying medicine.

Vaagai Educare believe life is to explore the world filled with many shades of lives, so we never cut your wings and curtail you with limitations. We take pleasure in you flying across the planet and excel in your service.

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