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Student life in AAIMS, Jamaica

Aug 23, 2022
Vaagai Team

Live the most at AAIMS, Jamaica

AAIMS campus is situated in the Black River, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. The campus is highly adorned by the breath-taking view, blissful greenery and birds that calms the mind that makes the environment very favourable to learn for the students. Vaagai Educare is much pleased right at the sight of the historic Invercauld great house, spread over 5 acres immaculately landscaped grounds, enjoying the glorious view of the Caribbean Sea.

The divine and beauteous campus psychologically benefits the students to lead a healthy life with no stress and friction out of the everyday challenges. The physical health of the students is boosted with the sports and gym activities. The campus is equipped with outdoor & indoor games courts and gymnasium as AAIMS insist its students to be physically fit and active.

The fertile coral campus’ mess provides extravagant South and North Indian-Cuisine dishes for every meal. Students get to eat the authentic home-style Indian dishes such as dosa, poori, briyani, idli, Pongal, vadai, chappathi, parotta and more,

AAIMS accommodates students in the separate boys and girls on-campus hostels also. The on-campus hostel is a resort-like fully furnished cottages roofing single, double and multiple occupancies with all facilities such as AC, Wi-Fi, beds, cots, storage cupboards, exclusive kitchen, restrooms & bathrooms. All the hostels are strictly monitored and are under CC surveillance 24*7.

The other facilities entertained by AAIMS are

Students Guild

Voluntary group of staffs assisting the students in all possible aspects for the progressive learning experience.

Fully equipped labs

AAIMS adopts new-age technology in the medical field and provides immersive, practical and hands-on medical education.

Modern Library

A stock house of authenticated common to rare details of medical information in various forms. Online library access is also provided to the students.

Lecturio & Daily Quizzes

To keep the students on track of all the key concepts which helps them to recall the key information even under pressurized situations which is very important for them to clear USMLE & practise as a doctor.

Students are well-trained on medical diagnosis, treatment and advancements in the labs and are sent to attend the clinical rotations/ elective rotations at various hospitals in Jamaica, US & UK during the course period.

The students are expected to clear USMLE steps 1 & 2 to be eligible to graduate with the MD degree along with ECFMG certificate.

VEC facilitates the students and parents up on admissions in AAIMS on the grounds of,

  • Support in Proficiency test
  • Career Counselling & guidance
  • Guidance for College intake
  • Visa facilitation
  • Financial Recommendations
  • Induction on Pre-Departure
  • Travel & Accommodation

Thus, Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Chose to be the PRIME ASSOCIATES for AAIMS, Jamaica and we associate only with the educational institutions that delivers quality education enabling our Medical graduates to practise in the forefront countries.

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