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Study MBBS Abroad

Dec 17, 2022
Vaagai Team

Study MBBS Abroad

Healthcare has always been regarded by Indian society as the highest-caliber vocation. The youth of India have long been drawn to pursue a profession in medicine and health sciences, often known as MBBS, because doctors receive the highest distinction. But today, more students than ever before are enrolling in MBBS programmes abroad. This number is larger than it was a few years ago. Why this taking place is is the question. One of the factors could be the low cost of MBBS abroad.

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

The number of Indian youth who study medicine and health sciences, also known as MBBS, has increased throughout time. The number of students applying to study MBBS overseas today is significantly more than it was a few years ago. Why so? A select group of Indian students have been encouraged to pursue their MBBS abroad due to the scarcity of government seats and the excessive tuition charges charged by private medical colleges.

Since many other nations have recognised medical colleges that provide certified and difficult-to-resist MBBS programmes, choosing to study MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost is nothing but a wise move.

According to the Medical Council of India (MCI), a total of 542 public and private colleges will offer a combined 79,855 places to students who pass the now required National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). Only a small portion of the overall number of applicants who register for NEET each year are awarded seats by MCI. A record number of students—more than 15 lakh—registered for the NEET-UG in 2020. For those who don't make the cut, private medical colleges with their astronomical tuition costs become their only option.

Modern medical colleges with unrivalled amenities and top-notch instructors have made studying MBBS overseas quite popular among Indian students. Students who study MBBS abroad gain not only exposure to other cultures and the chance to practise medicine in another country, but also a comprehensive experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

MBBS Abroad Advantages

  • Studying MBBS overseas is a high-potential option for Indian students because other nations provide cutting-edge medical universities, unparalleled amenities, and faculty that is recognised around the world.
  • While studying for the MBBS abroad, students get the chance to experience life abroad and gain a wealth of knowledge that will last a lifetime.
  • For students looking for a top-notch medical education, foreign universities offer certain alluring advantages that are hard to refuse.
  • A degree that has been certified and is recognised worldwide.
  • Additionally, medical colleges abroad offer the entire experience for a lot less money.

MBBS Abroad VS MBBS India

There are more parallels between studying medicine abroad and in India than differences. The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is now required for admission to all medical schools in India and overseas. MBBS education abroad can last up to 6 years, including a year of clinical rotations, in contrast to the 5.5 years for MBBS in India, which also includes a year of clinical internship (internship). Read about the benefits and drawbacks of MBBS abroad.

Students who study MBBS abroad gain more exposure to the world, have access to expansive university campuses, have better access to laboratories, and have better student-teacher ratios. Candidates who choose to study abroad can eventually practise their chosen profession in the host nation. All of this and much more are available to international students at very reasonable prices.

All medical students must take the NEET in order to apply to any medical universities abroad. All medical students must take NEET before applying to any college in India.
The course may take up to 6 years to complete (including 1-year internship). Typically, the training lasts for 5.5 years (including 1-year internship).
Extensive foreign medical practise and exposure. No global exposure.
Significant university campuses are reachable. Access to large university campuses.
MCI recognized universities and colleges. MCI recognized colleges and universities.
Better student-teacher ratio. Crammed classrooms.
The entire course is quite reasonably priced (15-30 lakhs). Private university tuition costs burn a huge hole in your wallet (30-80 lakhs and more).
Faculty from all across the world. Indian faculty.
To practise in India after graduating, students must pass the FMGE/NEXT exam. After graduating, students must additionally meet the requirements to sit for the NEXT/FMGE exam beginning in 2023.

According to the National Medical Commission (NMC/MCI), there will be 79,854 places available at 542 private and public colleges for students who pass the required National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test in the year 2020. (NEET). Only a small portion of the total number of applicants who sign up for the NEET each year receive one of the seats that the nation's medical colleges provide.

MBBS Abroad Eligibility Criteria/Requirements

We are aware that each nation has its own eligibility requirements and regulations governing the admission of overseas students, but we shall discuss the general eligibility requirements for Indian students hoping to study medicine at the top colleges in other countries.

Age Requirements: The applicant must have reached the age of 17 as of December 31 of the year of application. No maximum age is required to apply for MBBS admission abroad.

Academic requirements: The candidate must have earned his 10, +2 and diploma from a board that is recognised in the applicant's nation.

Medical Requirements:

  1. Full body checkup RTPCR for Covid19
  2. With English as a required subject in their 10+2 grade, the candidate must have received at least a 50% in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  3.  Additionally, it is mandatory for applicants for the MBBS programme to pass the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET).

Exams to qualify for MBBS abroad:

  1. As of March 2019, all Indian students wishing to pursue an MBBS abroad must take the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test, per a directive issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI) (NEET). Candidates should be aware that the age restriction for taking the NEET is 30 years for candidates who are SC, ST, or OBC and 25 years for general candidates. Three years are allowed for the NEET score to be used.
  2. Foreign university graduates must take the FMGE exam in order to practise medicine once they return to India.
  3. Graduates from Indian colleges will also need to pass the NEXT exam in order to practise medicine in India after 2023.

Candidates who desire to study medicine abroad might additionally need to take an English proficiency exam to demonstrate their fluency in the language. Candidates can choose between taking the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or OET tests, depending on the university's English language requirements.

Admission process for studying MBBS abroad

Once the candidate has met the criteria for eligibility. He can proceed to the following phase, which is the MBBS study abroad application process. To begin the admissions process, candidates must choose their desired MBBS University and complete the online foreign student application form.

In order to further reinforce their academic profile, applicants will be expected to attach a number of documents as part of the application process. These include of:

  1. Class 10 and 12 mark sheets
  2. School Leaving & School Migration Certificate
  3. NEET Score Card
  4. Personal Financial Statements
  5. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  6. Resume (CV)
  7. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  8. Language Proficiency Certificate (if any)
  9. Passport Size Photographs
  10. Medical Certificate

Candidates will get an admission letter from the institution following the successful submission of the online application form and fee. They would then be required to submit their passport, original documents, and their letter of admission from the university when applying for their student visa.

Scholarships to studying MBBS abroad

The high cost of education while studying abroad is a well-known drawback. For students wishing to pursue MBBS, however, this is not the case. Countries like Philippines, the People's Republic of China, Russia, and the Ukraine among others offer high-quality education at very affordable costs in an effort to draw in more students. A list of eligible scholarships is accessible for those who would rather not receive financial help or a student loan.

Why Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.?

For several colleges in India and abroad, Vaagai Educare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an authorised admission mentor. We work hard to uphold integrity and openness in all of our dealings because we respect the worth of your confidence, time, and aspirations. The Philippines Medical Students' Indian Parents Welfare Association®, which is part of VEC, has more than 2000 doctors, students, and their families as members. We take pride in our offerings.

We offer all students who want to pursue higher education in Jamaica and the Philippines authenticated and ethical services for visa processing, housing, and medical college admissions.

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