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Which country is considered the most suitable for pursuing an MBBS degree?

Nov 20, 2023

Which Country is Best for Studying MBBS?

Selecting a country to pursue MBBS can be a challenging decision, as almost every country offering medical education has some drawbacks. However, in this blog, we will explore the countries that have minimal disadvantages and are considered excellent options for studying medicine. By considering various aspects, these countries stand out as the best choices for pursuing a medical education.

Top 5 Countries Chosen by Indian Students to Studying MBBS

  • The Philippines
  • China
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • The UK

When considering admission to educational institutions, it is crucial for students to take into account various factors that differ across countries. These factors play a significant role in shaping their educational experience and overall success. Let us explore a selection of key aspects that necessitate careful consideration before making a decision.

  • Low tuition fees
  • Higher FMGE pass percentage
  • Language of academic Instruction
  • Quality of education

By systematically comparing various factors across countries, we can determine the most suitable country to meet your medical educational requirements.

Low Tuition Fees

A considerable number of students opt to pursue an MBBS degree overseas due to the high-quality education offered at comparatively lower tuition fees. Various countries abroad offer exceptional medical education, often at a more affordable cost than private medical colleges in India.

MBBS fees in Philippines: Comparatively, The Philippines tops the list of The average tuition fees for students, approximately 25 lakhs.

MBBS fees in China: The tuition fees for completing an MBBS program in China sums upto 30 lakhs and above.

MBBS fees in Russia: The required amount of money to complete an MBBS program in Russia meets at 50 lakhs.

MBBS fees in Ukraine: If students wish to pursue an MBBS program in Ukraine, they can expect to incur tuition fees ranging from 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs.

MBBS fees in UK: Pursuing an MBBS program in the UK will incur expenses exceeding 30-50 lakh rupees.

MBBS fees in USA: The cost of studying MBBS in the USA exceeds 1 crore.

Higher FMGE pass percentage

Philippines FMGE pass percentage: The Philippines is known for having the highest number of Indian medical graduates who have successfully passed the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) compared to any other country worldwide.

China FMGE pass percentage: In China, although there is a considerable number of Indian medical graduates, the proportion of FMGE students is relatively lower when compared to other countries abroad.

Russia FMGE pass percentage Russia also hosts a significant population of Indian medical graduates, but the percentage of those who pass the FMGE is comparatively low.

Ukraine FMGE pass percentage Ukraine experiences a low FMGE pass percentage due to factors such as subpar quality of education and limited exposure to medical practice during the final years of their education.

FMGE pass percentage In the United Kingdom, a majority of Indian medical graduates choose to pursue their medical careers within the UK. The similarity between the Indian curriculum and that of the UK contributes to a higher rate of FMGE success among these graduates.

UK & US FMGE pass percentage Similarly, in the United States, Indian students studying medicine tend to prefer continuing their medical practice within the USA, leading to a similar pattern of FMGE clearance as seen in the UK.

Language of academic Instruction

The mode of academic instruction in the Philippines is primarily conducted in English, which can be attributed to its historical connection as a former American colony. This association has contributed to the development of a world-class medical education system in the country.

In China, students are required to learn Chinese in order to fulfill their clinical clerkship obligations. This language proficiency is essential for their practical training in a clinical setting.

Russia mandates that students acquire proficiency in the Russian language prior to admission. Aspiring medical students who choose to study MBBS in Russia are typically required to dedicate one year to learning the local language.

While the mode of academic instruction in Ukraine is predominantly conducted in English, it is advisable for students to familiarize themselves with the local language as well.

In the United Kingdom, academic instruction is conducted in English, the official language of the country.

Similarly, in the United States, academic instruction is conducted in English, the primary medium of education in the country.

Quality of education

The quality of education is undoubtedly influenced by the choice of educational institutions. In every country, there exists a selection of esteemed educational institutions renowned for their excellence. It becomes our responsibility, then, to diligently research and identify the most suitable institution to pursue our educational aspirations.

Vaagai Educare Consultancy: Your Trusted Partner for Studying MBBS Abroad, Including in the Philippines

When it comes to pursuing MBBS studies abroad, Vaagai Educare Consultancy emerges as an invaluable ally. With their extensive expertise and knowledge in the field, they are adept at guiding aspiring medical students on their journey towards securing admission in prestigious foreign institutions. Whether you have set your sights on study MBBS in the Philippines or any other country, Vaagai Educare Consultancy can provide the necessary support and assistance.

Vaagai Educare Consultancy's specialized services encompass a wide range of essential aspects. They excel at identifying reputable universities that offer MBBS programs, including those in the Philippines, which has gained recognition for its quality medical education. Additionally, they assist students throughout the application process, ensuring that all requirements are met and deadlines are adhered to.

Aspiring medical students often face the challenge of entrance exams, which play a crucial role in securing admission to their desired MBBS programs. Vaagai Educare Consultancy provides invaluable guidance and preparation strategies for these exams, equipping students with the tools they need to succeed.

Moreover, financial planning for studying abroad can be a significant concern for many students and their families. Vaagai Educare Consultancy offers valuable insights and assistance in this area, helping students navigate scholarships, grants, and other financial resources to make their MBBS education financially feasible.

With their unwavering commitment to student success, Vaagai Educare Consultancy stands as a reliable partner throughout the entire process. By leveraging their expertise and exploring the comprehensive information provided in their blog pages, you can confidently embark on your educational journey to study MBBS in the Philippines or any other desired destination. Vaagai Educare Consultancy is dedicated to providing personalized support, ensuring that you make informed decisions regarding the best country and institution to pursue your MBBS studies.

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