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Jan 06, 2020
Vaagai Team

Choosing to study abroad is a smart decision but a daring one. It takes so much of conviction and perseverance from you and your family members to take your decision into execution. Oh yes, having grown up in your comfort zones – home and school, it is daring and independent life that you are choosing to study medicine abroad. Being independent becomes meaningful when you carry the due responsibility with confidence, adoring you the best on your graduation day. Everyone deserves such a wonderful dream come real experience, but the mere idea of stepping out of your home, city and country puts not only you but also, your family in low spirit. And, naturally, it makes you nervous and hesitant to withstand, and that's when you need to approach the right educational consultancy with relevant experience and expertise with genuine uninterrupted service. That's where Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. fits in the best, we walk you through the entire process, starting from the selection of university till your graduation and after!

Yes, you read right, we would like to continue our relationship with you even after your graduation. Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. has a family-like, continuously growing association – Philippines Medical Students Parents Welfare Association running for about 19 years, now. Our association is the showcase of our sincere and genuine services.

With an experienced and dedicated high-spirited team of career counsellors and consultants in Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. (VEC), you and your parents would be comforted and reassured to study medicine. You can lean back to us, while we work for your admission, visa processes and accommodation in the Philippines.

How Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. would be supportive during the admissions?

Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. takes the students from Chennai to Davao and looks after their admission-induction process. And also, VEC takes care of your hostel admissions, allotment of rooms, and guides through the mess. We ensure your comfort and clarity about your college and stay in the hostel.

Why to choose the Philippines?

Vaagai picks the best for our students and parents, always and so let us share the key factors that pleased us about the country in terms of the medical study and the conducive environment to learn and live.

Best quality of education & medical facilities are the highlights

Spellbound technology, reputed medical institutions, International and national accreditations such as WHO and MCI recognized medical institution and medical degree, associated hospitals for clinical practise and the similar prevalence of diseases as found in India, in the medicine study end.

Friendly and welcoming people, Indian restaurants and groceries are commonly found, safety system on the grounds of law and order, infrastructure and students, similar tropical climatic conditions as of India, English speaking country, convenient transportation – internationally, nationally and in local, low cost of living, and last but not least, the peaceful nature-orient country.

Should I write any language exam to get admissions in the Philippine colleges?

Certainly not. You don't have to appear for any language examinations such as ILETS or TOEFL or to learn another language as required in China, Russia or Ukraine. It is an English-speaking country—the medium of instruction in the Davao Medical School Foundation in English.

Why is the Philippines following the English medium of instruction in the educational institutes?

Spain has colonized the Philippines for 300 years, and the Filipinos hadn't gone to school in fear of death upon the Spanish conquerors. The country was set free by America. Then U.S. President William McKinley in 1900 has insisted on the importance of education in the Philippines and instructed to follow English as the medium of instruction to provide a uniform educational system in the multi-lingual country

Do I need to have a Passport to join in the Philippine medical college?

Yes, you need to possess an Indian Passport.

Will I be required to have a Visa to study in the Philippines?

Sure, you have to have the student visa for the entire course period to stay and study in the Philippines.

Relax, Vaagai Educare takes care of your visa process. Visa Fee varies year to year as per the Governmental regulations.

How many international airports are in the Philippines? Can I take flights from Chennai?

The Philippines has 12 international airports. Davao City has an International Airports known as Francisco Bangoy International Airport, which is 20 mins drive from the Davao Medical School Foundation. Yes, you can fly from Chennai to Davao City at cheap rates. Vaagai would take care of your flight tickets and travel with you from Chennai to Davao City.

Is the cost of living in the Philippines high?

The cost of living in the Philippines is nominal and low. The students have to spend only for their local transportation regarding their education. The travel fare could be subsided in the Jeepneys using ACR-I card.

What is the ACR-I card?

An ACR-I card is a micro-chip-based identification card with biometric security issued to all registered foreign immigrants completing 59 days of stay in the Philippines. It used for data management and updated electronically

How can my parents send me money from India?

The student can get an international/ a global debit card from your existing bank account in India, with which you can make money transactions between India and the Philippines.

Why should I join in Davao Medical School Foundation?

The thoughtful question, Davao Medical School Foundation offers an M.D. degree, which is recognized by WHO and MCI. It follows US-based education system, so the chances of clearing USMLE is high, and the key highlight is the medium of instruction is English. Well qualified and experienced lecturers who are friendly and approachable are teaching in DMSF. It provides practically orientated education, i.e. more hands-on practise for our students. Davao School of medicine is affiliated to 4 and more hospitals to ensure the clinical visits and clinical rotations since the 3rd year. It helps our M.D. graduates to align in work with the senior Doctors, itself. Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. has been relating to a handful of senior batches of Doctors practising in Government and Private hospitals in India and Abroad. With whom, the current batches and the new students meet during our Philippines Medical Students Parents Welfare Association meetings to discuss the Philippines, DMSF, M.D. Degree program and the aftermath, medical practice.

What is an M.D. Degree? Why is an M.D. degree offered instead of MBBS?

M.D. is Doctor of Medicine degree which is usually offered by the medical institutions following US-based educational system.

M.D. (USA pattern – Doctor of Medicine) is equivalent to MBBS n India (U.K. pattern – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). As students from across the globe study in the Philippines, The Philippines education syllabus adopts the continuity of +2 curriculum followed in India. In the U.S. education system, the students opt for four years of M.D. programme once after they passed 10th grade and complete Bachelor of Science degree. Still, as India follows a U.K. based educational system, our students do 10th and 12th grades at the school level. Students in India can do M.D. upon the completion of MBBS degree in 6 years. But in the Philippines, the medical students' complete Bachelor of Science (B.S.) for 1.5 years and opt for four years of M.D. programme in the Philippines. That's how The MD programme in the Philippines takes 5.5years of course span.

What is an M.D. Degree? Why is an M.D. degree offered instead of MBBS?

International and national bodies such as accredit DMSF

  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)

What is the duration of M.D. program at DMSF?

It takes 5.5 years to complete M.D. degree at DMSF.

Do I need to do a one-year internship after completing M.D. program in Davao School of medicine?

No, not at all required as per the new guidelines from the Medical Council of India (MCI)

Should I appear for FMGE?

Of course, yes! It would help if you cleared the FMGE examination to register your M.D. degree with MCI and get licensed to practise in India.

Will I be able to appear for USMLE with this M.D. degree?

You can appear for USMLE from your 2nd year of M.D. program. Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. provides online learning materials at the free of cost for its students.

What is the cost of M.D. degree program in DMSF?

Comparing to the fee structure of the Indian medical admissions, studying medicine in Davao Medical School Foundation is much cheaper, including stay, food and travel for the entire span of the M.D. program ranges between 31,000 ($)USD and 33,000 ($) USD.

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