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Jan 05, 2020
Vaagai Team

As Medical degrees are considered coveted professional degree across the globe, the students are aspiring to study medicine abroad to get international exposure and scope to practise medicine in their preferred countries. So, to facilitate such globalization educational experience, the World Health Organisation has been following World Directory of Medical Schools in which it lists the medical institutions that provide the best standard of medical education as per the international education standard. Thus, both the medical students and the medical institutions are benefitted in widening their scope of exercising their intentions, i.e. the students could find the right medical institution and the institutions to get recognized globally. Davao Medical School Foundation is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools by World Health Organisation (WHO) and recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The medical graduates in every country of the world have to register their degree and get a license from the national level medical authorities of their preferred country to practise medicine. So, to license and let them practise in the clinical setup, any country is required to test the medical graduate’s competency under various essential criteria by conducting qualifying examinations. Few countries are conducting separate qualifying examinations for the local medical and foreign medical graduates as the parameters to examine their competencies vary. And the rest of the countries follows only one international level qualifying examination for the local and international students. The medical graduates from the Philippine’s Davao Medical College must register the M.D. degree with MCI by clearing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination). And in the United States (U.S.), the qualifying examination followed is USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination). Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. strives to make its students, eligible for international level and so trains its students for FMGE & USMLE examinations.


The medical students undergo mandatory clinical rotations or clerkship during their degree program for a year or more. The medical students in Davao school of medicine must do clinical rotations since 4th year of M.D. program as DMSF majorly insists upon practical learning.

Medical Internship

The medical internships are done once the degree holder undergoes one-year internship program at any government or private hospital to assist the Doctors during their practice, without pay. This one-year medical internship need not to be done by the M.D. graduates from DMSF, Philippines and AAIMS, Jamaica. They can directly clear the FMGE and register their M.D. degree in MCI to get license.

House Surgency

The M.D. graduates register their M.D. degree with MCI or USMLE and get the license to practise in any government or private hospitals in parallel to the Doctors with a stipend. House Surgeons instructs and coordinate with the medical interns and the superior Doctors in their medical practice. It is the final qualifying step in any country to let the medical graduate function independently as a Doctor in a government or private hospitals or own clinic.

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