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Students’ Lifestyle in the Philippines

Jan 03, 2020
Vaagai Team

The world is changing every day and globalization is the key factor that contributes to the international mobilization of people for work, studies, businesses and leisure. Considering to study medicine, abroad has been an out-of-reach for many Indians because the parents and the student aspirants haven't noticed the boom of medical facilities and studies in the second tire countries providing medical degrees with excellent quality of education at nominal and affordable rates.The Philippines is one of the top countries that suits the Indian students, the best, and this discussion would have elaborated about the advantages of choosing the Philippines over other countries for studying medicine abroad seemed expensive and a status quo.

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The Philippines has been attracting the medical students across the globe and especially Indians as there are many similarities between these two countries in terms of climatic conditions, vegetations, lifestyle, culture, and significantly the prevalence of diseases.

Let us take you through the essential aspects of the lifestyle of Indian students in the Philippines,


The Philippines is an archipelago means an island-country as it adored by alluring beaches and dashing cities that tempts to the visitors not to leave the country. It is bounded by the breath-taking natural ambience, everywhere. It is known for its bustling malls, parks, museums, and a plethora of restaurants, especially Indian ones. It has bustling street food markets in the evening.

Two unique and world-popular must-see reasons are

  • Vigan City is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unique architecture reflecting the fusion of Asian and European designs and cobblestone streets.
  • On the Bohol Islands, the spell-bound Chocolate Hills are found, seems like something from another world. It is designated as a National Geological Monument by the Philippines.

Davao City

Davao city is the largest by size in the Philippines. It's the capital city for the Davao Region. It has a stunning beach, theme park – Malagos Garden Resort, a mountain resort- Eden national Park, and the Jack's Ridge – a dining destination to enjoy the food with a jaw-dropping view of the entire city. Mount Apo adds-diamond-on-the-crown of Davao City, an amusing mountaineer's dream as its highest peak reaches up to 2,954 meters.


The Filipinos are friendly and welcoming people towards Indian students. Our students are attending classes from morning till evening, so they commute by Gypnees at just rs.10 using their ACR-I card. The students prefer the gypnees as it facilitates them to travel in groups, and it follows the right meter fares. The students undergoing clinical rotations return to the hostel by taxies or gypnees during late nights yet, their safety is ensured by the Philippine National Police and a special military group called as Task Force (T.F.) Davao, who carries guns. The entire city is under CC TV surveillance. Every security guard has guns at the gates of all the buildings in Davao City. At the hostel, the security at the gate ensures that all the students provide their name, school I.D. number, phone number and room number in the register at the times of their entry and exit. Malls & shops would be opened 24*7, and the police force ultimately secures it at the ends of all the streets in the Davao city. The students always stick together while travelling. Even though the safety index of Davao City is 72.4% (Chennai's safety index is 59.32) in 2020, even girls can walk on the streets in the night, without any hesitation. The country is a smoke-free and drug-free country.

Indian Culture and Food

The Philippines has a long history; the Philippines has been adapting Indianization for over centuries. So, the Philippine culture and food style has a substantial Indian impact on it. The main spices and grains are being used commonly. The Indian restaurants are situated, just outside the DMSF compound. Indian groceries are present in all the stores in the Philippines. Indians would be viewed as an outsider by the Filipinos as they have been sharing spaces since many decades ago. Almost more than a lakh of Indians is living in the Davao.

The cultural exchange happened between Indian and Philippine cultures laid the foundation for the celebration of Pongal and other Indian festivals in the Davao City. Our students celebrate Pongal festival with other country-students and Filipinos every year as a grand occasion. They follow our customs, traditions and beliefs on the day by which they inculcate the Indianization. The Philippine theatres in the Davao City play South-Indian cinemas in the languages of Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, during every weekend.

Cost of Living

The cost of living for students is meagre as the actual cost of living in the country is nominal and for students, student I.D. card subsides the rates of products or fares, everywhere in the Philippines


No worries in this aspect of living in the Philippines. It's an officially English-speaking country, and English is the medium of instruction in the entire Philippines.

Future Prospectus

The Philippines follow the US-based educational system; the graduates from the Philippines have access to work in almost all the countries in the world. The M.D. graduates from Davao Medical School Foundation have a vast scope around the globe. But all they need to do is to pass in the screening test followed by any country they prefer to work. These students lay string foot in clearing USMLE exam, and the U.S. prefers these M.D. graduates from the DMSF. The future prospectus favours our students as the growing demand for Doctors is increasing in the world. We believe life is to explore the world filled with many shades of lives, so we never cut your wings and curtail you with limitations. We take pleasure in you flying across the planet and excel in your service.

"Education is the key to foresee your personality and lifestyle".


Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. completely understands your worth and the value of your dreams, time and efforts. Your goals deserve a royal road, and we walk hand-in-hand in the right path with you!

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