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DMSF Vs. Covid 19

Jan 04, 2020
Vaagai Team

2020 is a remarkable year, as we all are caging ourselves to survive, but we have learnt to endure to attain our goals, smart and wise. Yes, Indoor is the new outdoor. We have everything we need inside our living spaces. Likewise, our students at DMSF has been doing well in the Philippines with their newly found lifestyle and education system. Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. is always on the watch, to ensure our students are safe and meeting the purpose of their stay in the Philippines. Yes, like birds of a feather flock together, Vaagai Educare, our students, our parents, DMSF and the committed team of lecturers at DMSF along with our caretakers at the hostel are working with conviction in making our students worth spending a year, abroad. And by every day learning as usual and at the same time, thoroughly understanding the need of the hour.

We have been successful with our mission to make the optimum use of this lockdown period by making the learning environment, conducive and uninterrupted.

When the realization of the COVID-19 situation hit our understanding, the lockdown was announced, people stayed abroad were sent back, and the rest were stuck in the foreign countries, itself. It’s a shell-stuck situation. Yet, in every crisis, doubt or confusion, VEC takes the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and kindness. So, we have made away with all our convicted common goal.

Our students have been attending classes & exams from their hostel rooms via an online platform. They can access to all the books on the online library using their authorized students’ library login. The medical equipment that is required to be used on a specific day is brought to the hostel compass with proper precautionary sanitation, for students learning. The lecturers have volunteered to stay at the college campus and teach during this pandemic on monthly rotations. The students and others in the hostels are regularly checked for sickness or symptoms of COVID19, by our senior student volunteers. If any signs of illness are found, the student is shifted to the new hostel building, which is allocated for isolation care, under the supervision and care of volunteers. Even there are hostel staffs and senior medical student who are voluntarily taking care of students’ washing, cooking and cleaning.

The students are well-served with the usual menu in the hostel mess. The central kitchen is wholly isolated from the contact of the outside world. The supplies are kept at the kitchen entrance and sanitized by a dedicated team and then transferred to the kitchen. The cooked and packed meal from the kitchen is delivered at the hostel mess hall. With all due safety measures been taken, the students can enter and exit the mess hall and serve & dine at the mess hall.

To keep the students physically fit and psychologically well, the hostel has an indoor game area and Gym. Though the Philippine government has permitted the people to go out & malls are opened since 1st of August, our students at DMSF have chosen to stay safe and sound. Yes, when the necessity arises, a couple of student volunteers go out to get things for all students, from outside.

Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. has been connecting with our students, parents, hostel staffs, DSMF lecturers and other caretakers on the video conference call, at least twice a week. This action is taken to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being in fulfilling our purpose of making learning funfilled and worthful.

Vaagai Educare Pvt. Ltd. aims at building progressive concordance with the students, their families and through our services, best rendered.

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